Web3 Storage Cost

This page was built to compare the cost of different web3 storage providers including Arweave (through bundlr/irys), Shadow Drive by Genesys Go and IPFS.

Enter the amount of data that you are going to upload:

The upload will cost you estimated:
ProviderStorage TypeNative TokenUSDCAdditional Info
Irys (Bundlr)Immutable0.000000000 SOL0.000000 USDCUploaded to Arweave, paid with SOL
Shadow DriveMutable0.000000000 SHDW0.000000 USDCAmount is paid per Solana Epoch
Shadow DriveImmutable0.000000000 SHDW0.000000 USDC
IPFSImmutable??Depends on the provider
These are estimates. Even though they are fetched from chain please verify them instead of blind trust.